In 2014, AVAC began offering online courses to help advocates and community educators build capacity to translate the Good Participatory Practice Guidelines. At the completion of the twelve-week course learners requested ways to stay connected. Simultaneously, AVAC partners were looking for a way to continue the energy and knowledge sharing that comes from meeting face-to-face.

The Engage platform was created to supports stakeholders looking to find community, increase their understanding on a topic or connect with others to create and implement advocacy action around clinical research and implementation. The platform supports users through a range of interactive conversations and learning modules and includes a range of activities both on and offline to promote a sense of community.

Engage uses three core elements to support learners growth:

  • Promoting continued collaboration and knowledge sharing through an online community of practice.
  • A suite of literacy materials and trainings to improve understanding and translation outside the context of a specific clinical trial or intervention.
  • A platform to collaborate on advocacy projects and goals with stakeholders globally.